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In Too Deep

Just a drop will do, and that is certainly what it seems like when it comes to flooding here in Coastal Virginia. We hear the roll of the thunder and know that within a 15-minute downpour, some areas in Norfolk and Virginia Beach are impassable. As we move forward with new ways to mitigate flooding in coastal Virginia, Virginia Beach Patios is committed to the mitigation of flooding in our area. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from permeable pavers; a paver that helps control flooding as well as filter runoff before entering the ecosystem.

Many cities around the United States are adopting building codes that require permeable pavers to be used to control flooding and runoff. The Clean Water Act regulates the quality of our bodies of water. The Clean Water Act, working through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, regulates the pollution limits for anyone discharging into bodies of water, including cities.

In Norfolk and Virginia Beach, there have been many studies on preventing flooding. In a 2016 study comprised by Wetland Watch, Virginia Sea Grant, Hampton Roads Green Building Council, Hampton University’s Architecture Department, Old Dominion Universities Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the engineers and scientist found flooding was reduced by 90% in the Chesterfield Heights neighborhood in Norfolk through the implementation of low impact improvements which included permeable pavers. We have linked the original synopsis of the study here.

How do Permeable Pavers Work?

Permeable pavers differ from concrete slabs or asphalt due to what is used beneath the pavers as well as what fills the joints between the individual pavers. The materials and technique used creates a porous composition that allows for water to seep through the surface instead of pooling at the top. The water that seeps through the pavements, slowly filters down to the ground’s watershed or is discharged via drain tile.

Permeable pavers mimic natural water absorption and filtration of soil.

Permeable pavers also aid in water retention in areas where soil is sandy. This can help the growth of plants and gardens in your space.

How can I request permeable pavers?

At Virginia Beach Patios, we have a variety of permeable pavers to choose from to meet your design needs and aesthetic. We can walk you through the selection process and benefits of permeable pavers as well.

Attention City of Virginia Beach!

As a company that understands the need for flooding mitigation in the area, we are ready to work with you in transforming the area into a flood-mitigated landscape.

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